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Proven Ways to Grow Your Business without a Lot of Money

Proven Ways to Grow Your Business without a Lot of Money

Through the development of marketing channels, tools and low-cost services, it’s now far much easier and cheaper than ever before to market a small business. Conversely, it’s also very easy for small businesses to fall into marketing pitfalls and fritter away their money on advertising that’s going to be too expensive due to their conversion rates and marketing channels that won’t ever succeed.

The following 3 pitfalls are common:

Lack of devotion on a marketing channel

Focus on wrong channels

Don’t know your clientele

It’s imperative to understand your customers and your business's unique value offer. I highly advocate small-business owners spend time building customer base, so they have a deep understanding who’s buying from them and their complaints.

After that task is complete, here are three proven ways to grow your business with little money. All the tools I have used and have seen results.

  1. Teach your customers

The best way to create a loyal client base is to teach them and help them solve their troubles before they are at the buying stage. You can achieve this by leveraging content marketing on social media and having an email weekly newsletter. Keep the content fixed on educating and helping customers rather than talking about you. When done right, you

  1. Assemble an email list

You have to consistently engage your subscribers and nurture them with value-added content. You can do so basically by having a weekly email newsletter. Just as you are doing on social media, you want to keep on providing value once someone has visited your website, engaged with your brand and even purchased from you.

  1. Leverage your existing customers for growth

Leveraging your customers for growth is hiding in plain sight and is too often overlooked. Your customers are your low cost and more trusted channel to market and grow your businesses. Ask your customers for reviews on your social media pages and websites. Ask your customers for referrals or to spread the good word. Delight your customers with a thank you email.

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