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If you're a small business owner in Helena MT or any of the surrounding areas, don't always assume your customers are going to automatically know what you're offering or that you even exist. There are plenty of businesses, including some now physically located in your area, who are going after the same consumers. This is why your online marketing strategy needs to be one focused on attracting the attention of local customers.

Have Consistent NAP Info

The way your (business) name, address, and phone number (NAP) appears online will determine how your business appears to customers searching locally. Simply omitting the "Inc." after your business name on some listings will make Google view your company as two different businesses. Also confirm that your business info is correct in local directories. Having consistent NAP info makes it easier for local shoppers to find you online. Add a map so local customers can quickly find you if they're not familiar with your location.

Use Geo Tracking to Distribute Local Incentives

Location-specific data, whether it comes from social media platforms or using IP addresses, can allow for a more efficient distribution of content. If you use this strategy effectively, you'll be able to provide an added incentive for local shoppers to make a visit to your business. A consumer's location may be used to:

  • Send out coupon codes to people within the physical location of your business
  • Target consumers who are directly in your store by sending out offers that can be applied to in-store purchases
  • Deliver personalized social media messages to consumers within your area with useful info such as directions to your nearest location or reminders of current specials or deals

Encourage Local Reviews

Potential consumers often trust the word of other consumers over what's presented in carefully worded text on websites or in blog posts and social media posts from local businesses in Helena. Encourage local reviews by tapping into your existing customer base and seeking reviews from people who purchased something from your business recently. Reviews can also be solicited by automatically asked for them in follow-up "thank you" emails or by creating a feedback form on your website or linking to review sites from your site.

Add Some Local Flavor to Your Content

Attract the attention of shoppers in your area by sprinkling local references throughout your content. For instance, use common nicknames for neighborhoods or landmarks. Referring to known landmarks can also be effective. For instance, you might say that your business is "convenient located across the street from the downtown subway station" or "next to the Galleria Mall." It helps put your content in front of local eyes because when somebody searches for the subway station downtown, they'll also see your website among the search results.

Management of your online strategy can become too much of an added chore; especially if you're already busy juggling other tasks throughout your day. Consider partnering with a marketing company if you don't have time to actively engage your local customers. It can be a budget-friendly investment since you'll only be paying for the services you actually need for your small business in Helena.

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