Do I Build My Own Site?

There are 3 important questions to ask before deciding to build your own site or to hire someone.


The first question is, Do I have the time?  Building a website is very time consuming, unless you have a very simple website and use a pre-designed template.  But if you want to stand out from the competition, you're going to be at least somewhat customized.  This is where you need to decide where your time is best spent.  Yes, it does cost more to have someone build a site for you, so you have to decide if it's worth your time.  Most of us don't have extra time to spend on something other than the main focus of our business.  Do you?

The second question is, Do I have the money?  This may be the reason you build your own site.  A custom designed website will definitely cost more than purchasing a "boiler plate" site.  It's important though to have a site that looks professional and projects the image you want it to.  There are many questions you must answer before you even begin the design.  And there are several steps to designing a site.

And the third question, Do I have the expertise?  These days there are so many programs out there and templates that are pre-designed for you to just fill in the blanks.  And that may work for you, depending on what you are trying to do.  Sites can get very complicated though and there are many things that go on behind the scenes.  One coding error can disable your entire site.  So if you plan on having a large site with many features, it may definitely be worth the money to hire someone to do it.

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