Why is RETS better than IDX?

IDX, or Internet Data Exchange, is how many MLS listings end up on a real estate website.  They are governed by policies, rules, and software that determines how listings show up to the public.  RETS, or Real Estate Transaction Standards, is also governed by the same policies and rules.  The difference is the software and how it is processed.

What is IDX?

IDX is the original way that listings were provided to the public through real estate websites.  IDX is information that exists on another website.  It is basically framed into your website.  It may look like it is in your site, but it is not.  It requires more bandwidth and system administration to use.  It is also generally only updated nightly, rather than throughout the day, creating a gap in when information is distributed to potential buyers and sellers.  In this day and age people want information NOW.  Not later.  Sellers are impatient to see their listings show up on your site and buyers that are shopping want to see what's available NOW.  Not what was out there yesterday.  In markets where houses are selling quickly this could determine whether or not your client gets the house they want and whether or not you get that sale.

What is RETS?

RETS is the modern and much superior way to distribute your MLS listings.  The data is actually on your site and new data is uploaded to your site several times a day, creating more timely and accurate information.  This gives you a competitive advantage over agent and office sites that use IDX.  The other major difference is that by pulling the data into your site, you give the search engines more information to look at on your site.  You also have the advantage of adding additional information that is not on the MLS sites.  You can add documents, links, and more to your listings. You can give your listings more to look at, which will make your sellers happy clients!

We know from the National Association of REALTORS® statistics that the majority of buyers start their search on the internet.  Give yourself the competitive advantage and convert your site from IDX to RETS today.  Contact us for more information.

Why choose us?

We're local professionals with local customer service support.  You don't call someone across the state, or in another state for help.  We design your site so that you can update it easily and as often as you like.  We even have plans where we can do the updating on your site for you.  We understand how real estate sites should work.  So if you want a great site, at a great price, with great local customer service then contact us and we will take care of you.


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